Thursday, January 12, 2012

A very simple toy on the Christmas tree

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Materials- Stationery knife- Glue Moment- Rain, more dense and sprawling on the tension- Sequins, unwanted CDs, all shiny things, which can be decorated with balloons
A bottle of milk or any other, which has a label is ribs. You can without ribs, but they cut rings are more resistant to deformation.An empty bottle washed.On the surface of the bottle will glue on the label. It can be removed with adhesive tape, gluing it to where the glue and tearing again. Repeat the operation several times until the glue is no longer adhere to the fingers or not removed from the plastic surface.
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1 bottle of ~ 1 ballOn the side of a fissure, cut him a bottle of stationery with a knife.The resulting rings trim with scissors so that they always have the same width.Connect 4 rings and attach them to each other shower.Do this on both poles, making a loop on one of them.
Decorate the balls with any materials and methods.One ball is wound rain, the other pieces obkleen CD-ROM, the third ukrshen sequins.
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Also on the beads can be glued beads, buttons, shells, cutting rain, plastic beads and even any nonsense that comes into your head.